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1.Providing feed plants 5t/h,8 t/h,10 t/h,12 t/h,15 t/h,20 t/h,25 t/h,35 t/h single standard technology, personalization technology and complete plant design plan which has general planning includes the planning of civil engineering ,factory appearance, road, logistics, greening planning,main workshop with 3 D design picture, storehouse, auxiliary room, office, livingquarters, canteen, dormitory,boiler room and toilet.

2.Providing integrated solutions and managements of production, operation, quality and cost,complete training of technique and operation.

3.In order to reduce the cost, improve the quality and create value,providing the following value-added service technical solutions.

a) High productivity, high fineness and low energy consumption ZCME E series grinder and ventilation network system's advanced technology and capacity expansion reform plan.

b) High productivity, emphasize the quality, low energy consumption ZCME series granulators and the advanced technology of steam piping system and capacity expansion reform plan.