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About Zhengchang Chicken Feed Mill:

1. Pre-loaded with Zhengchang premium quality feed mill machinery, for example pellet mill, grinder, mixer etc.

2. Powerful conditioner with higher speed.

3. Complete after-sales service: Prompt field service emerged considerately, offering you premium quality wearing parts.

4. ten years service life: The situation of international standard materials is welded by America special welding technology and major driving parts are all imported.

5. Zhengchang Chicken Feed Mill has multiple choices: Backed by ages technology, Zhengchang is promoting a large number of special pellet mills for your livestock, aquatics, pastures, etc.

6. 15% higher capacity: Gear driven system, higher transmission capacity.


Procedure of making feed pellets by our chicken feed mill:.

1, Crushing the raw product into much less in comparison to 5mm powders;.

2, Dry the smashed products to 8-12 %;.

3, Pressing to powder resources into pellets, for the feed pellets dimension, we can make 1.5-18mm according to clients' requests.


Use and Feature.

1. Uses the book umbrella-type decompress machinery and dial sword system, stay away from the products stagnancy or run unevenly, therefore raise the evenness;.

2. The top and the base axis make use of the book dust sealing building, stay clear of the sensation of bearing damage caused by the dust;.

3. This device quick combining, reduced electricity cost, good evenness, bulletproof, agrees with for small-sized feed factories and family-style animals and.