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Model: SKZH4800

Product introduction of fish feed mill:

1. Purchase Zhengchang feed units, enjoying Zhengchang perfect after-sale service.
2. Purchase Zhengchang feed plants, using Zhengchang Barrier formula technology in preferential price.
3. Purchase Zhengchang feed units, buying Zhengchang high quality parts in preferential price.
4. Zhengchang customizes all kinds of teaching experimental feed units for institue, welcome you to join in to popularize and utilize Zhengchang feed units.
Technical datas:
Installed capacity: 160KW/140KW 
Output: 3-7t/h
introduction of Zhengchang fish feed mill:
There are a great variety of aquatic feeds as shrimp and fish varies. And aquatic feeds have some special requirements such as balanced nutrition, uniform and smaller particles, higher digestibility and feed conversion rate. The feed is required to stay underwater for proper times and is classified to be sinking and floating types as per feeding feature of aquatic animals. There must be maximum powder in the finish product so as not to contaminate the water and protect the living environment of the aquatic animals. Cross contamination is also strictly prohibited during production of the shrimp feed.
Fish feed mill is commonly used for producing maize flour, soybean flour or mixture powder, wheat or grain bran into higher grade water feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, pet,. feline and so on. The puffing fish feed pellets can drift on the water area for over12 hours without water polution. According to your requirement and manufacturing scale, drifting fish feed device could be identified into dry type machine and moist type device.
Working principle for  Fish Feed  Mill
After the product is sent out into feeding device, they will certainly be thrust and broadened by the screw shaft with higher pressure and temperature level which makes the raw product complete prepared and disinfected. Then the expanded product will certainly be developed into pellets by forming mould. You can alter different moulds to make pellets with different sizes. Afterwards a cutting device will certainly cut the formed pellets into various length as called for.