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Laboratory Pellet Mil, Straw Pellet Mill, Pellet Maker

Laboratory pellet mill

ZHENGCHANG realize that as customer needs change and environmental regulations become more stringent that a laboratory pellet mill that exactly duplicates plant conditions is a necessity to feed manufacturers and animal feed scientists.

We have designed our laboratory pellet mill to be as flexible as possible and to represent the most modern technology used in the majority of mills that make palletized feed for poultry and livestock.

Our laboratory pellet mill features include:

1. Variable speed adjustment to fit your plant operating parameters. The variable speed also allows you to be able to predict the output from a new formulation for your plant before you implement the formula.

2. Double shaft differential conditioning that exactly duplicates the ripening times you use in your plant.

3. A large feed door that makes loading easy and saves your laboratory personnel time.

4. Overload protection is included for your safety.

5. Outer pellet discharging system duplicates the plant conditions and can be extremely useful in adjusting the formulation and operating conditions in the lab so that new formulations do not prove to be a problem in your plant operation.

Pellet Mill Poultry Pellet Mill

ZHENGCHANG developed our laboratory pellet mill to allow our customers to save money. Laboratory testing for any process change or a new formulation is possible with our pellet maker because the system duplicates the plant’s process precisely. Concerns about antibiotics, new sources of animal feed raw materials, and government regulation makes a laboratory pellet mill an indispensable addition to your operation.

Pellet Mill Maker Straw Pellet Mill

Straw Pellet Mill

Your end product user’s insistence on environmentally friendly products driven by the final user’s concern for the environment as well as government insistence on mandating the use of products that are environmentally less harmful makes a straw pellet mill a perfect addition to your operation.

A straw pellet mill can use straw, wood chips, or any source of biomass like grass hay, or algae as a raw material for your animal feed or poultry feed operation.

You make the people and the government happy and save yourself money on raw material cost and equipment maintenance as well as down time when you choose to use a straw pellet mill.

ZHENGCHANG produce four different models of straw pellet mills that vary in power consumption from 37 kilowatts to 200 kilowatts and vary in output from 0.8 tons per hour to 3.5 tons per hour depending on the biomass you use.

Each model features the following designs that insure your equipment runs all the time and produces as much product as possible.

1. Low noise and low failure rates due to our serpentine spring coupling system that also reduces the size of the unit.

2. You can produce smooth pellets at a great rate due to our dies that are made from an alloy steel ring design.

3. Stable and totally reliable operation are assured though the use of the highest quality transmissions and bearings from Japan and Switzerland.

4. The main drive is a gear drive that increases productivity by 15 percent over belt drive.

5. Quick detaching encircling hoop type dies allow fast conversions between products and minimal down time increasing your plant's productivity.

Higher productivity and lower costs for you and the ability to satisfy your customer and the government is what we can supply to you with a straw pellet mill.



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