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Wood Pellet Mill

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Pellet Manufacturing Equipment


High Capacity Livestock&Poultry Feed Pellet Mill

Powerful conditioner with higher speed

All round after-sales service

Prompt field service is given considerately, providing you with high quality wearing parts.

The case of international standard materials is welded by America special welding technology and major driving parts are all imported. 

Backed by many years technology, ZCME has developed dozens of special pellet mills for the livestock, aquatics, pastures, etc. 

15% higher capacity 

Gear driven system, higher transmission capacity

Higher quality Straw Pellet Mill

Feed produced by ZCME new pellet mills has equal length and smooth appearance.

Pellet Mill Poultry Pellet Mill



SZLH 350 Poultry Pellet Mill series adopt wearable clutch as the safety protection device while the others adopt safety pin.

The conditioner and feeder are of full stainless structure. Gear drive has high efficiency and the special reducer has longer life, stable performance and high capacity. 





Pellet Mill Maker Straw Pellet Mill

Automatic gap-adjusting structure can be equipped for roller gap adjusting without stopping the equipment. 

The Pellet Maker improved big cover and cutting blade prolongs service life of cutter and improves the pellet cutting quality. 

The reinforced type conditioner adopts steam adding device with multi entrances so that the feed can be exposed to the steam fully and make better conditioning.

The Pellet Machine improved chute connection enhances tightness of the equipment so that there is no leakage of air and sust, greatly improving the working condition. 

The exterior cooling and lubricating system improves cooling and lubricating effect of the major bearing inside the gear box so that it can work for long times running.

With the improved safety pin, the machine runs safer and is easy to maintain.



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