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Mixer Machine

SSHJ Mixing Machine

Paddle Mixer

Feed Mixer

Ribbon Mixer

Fertilizer Mixer


Double Paddle MixerContinuous Paddle Mixer

Designed and manufactured by several scientific research units with summing-up of essence of double-shaft paddle mixers at home and abroad. SSHJ double-shaft paddle mixer is an ideal mixing equipment with low speed, high efficiency, less energy and high quality. 


Fertilizer Mixing MachineDouble Ribbon Mixer


ZCME padding mixer The adjustable paddle has long life and leaves less residues.

High mixing uniformity(≤5%), many liquids to be added at same time.

Wide discharge door can be locked deadly without feed leakage.

Vacuum sealing system on both ends of main shaft

Large maintenance hatch ensures easy clearance and change of paddle.

Mixing machine  is mainly driven by shaft-mounted hard-toothed reducer as main drive



Feed mixing machine Section

Key points for selection of mixing equipments

The uniformity degree is vital for feed quality. Air balance between batching bin, mixer and bins after mixer has significant impact on nutrition. In case the finish product bin and pellet bin are too big or the transportation line is too long, the feed would have grading and homogeneity and feed conversion ratio would be lowered.

The right mixer, mixing cycle and feeding method are the keys for mixing homogeneity and feed nutrition. ZCME mixing section adopts twin-shaft high-efficient mixer of European Forberge technology. The twin-reducer gear works under the principle of zero gravity so that the raw materials can mix completely inside the mixer. The mixing cycle is short. The mixer discharges feed quickly from large access without any residue. 

It is equipped with liquid addition device so as to meet requirement of various feed. 

The buffer hopper is fit with level indicator to detect the residues inside hopper. At the inlet of mixer is pneumatic slide gate and collection hopper which is mainly used to prevent upcoming steam.