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SZLH858  High Capaicty Livestock&Poultry Pellet Feed Mill

The gear driving structure is adopted, which makes the operation stable, and so lowers the conveying power consumption, and providing anti-slip and large impaction resistance capacity. The machine output capacity is 15% higher than the belt driven machine.

Suitable for large feed manufacture with over 12-42 t/h capacity for producing high quality pellet feed;

Variable frequency feeding is adopted in this machine.zcme Feed Mill Equipment is fixed with big access for cleaning and extended conditioner. It is also equipped with external discharge device and overload protection equipment. Clamp die is fixed. Inside the gear box is imported bearing, oil seal and snake-shape coupler for transmission of power, etc.

feed mill plantfeed mill equipment


1. Self-control system of the Pellet Feed Mill makes running more smoothly and improves the output more than 10%.

2. Moisture detection systems on line and alarm system improved the quality of feed and prolonged the working time and life of the main drive.

3. The combination of dual-shaft differential conditioner and reinforced conditioner prolongs conditioning time and makes better ripening.

4. The reinforced conditioner adopts steam adding device with multi entrances so that the feed can be exposed to the steam fully and make better conditioning.

5. The reinforced type conditioner has large hatch , making maintaining and cleaning more convenient.

6. With the advanced gear driving design, processing and heat treatment, the gear has longer life and higher capacity.

7. With the improved safety pin, the machine runs safer and is easy to maintain.

8. The improved big cover and cutting blade prolongs service life of the cutter and improves the pellet cutting quality.

9. The improved big cover and case enhance cover positioning accuracy and tightness.

10. The exterior cooling and lubricating system improves cooling and lubricating effect of the major bearing inside the gear box so that it can work for long times running.

11. Automatic gap-adjusting structure can be equipped for roller gap adjusting without stopping the equipment.

poultry feed millpellet feed mill


The advanced gear driving system works more efficiently:

Feed Mill Plant is used to produce hard pellets and is applicable to large and medium-size feed mill with a capacity of 10-30t/h for producing high quality pellet feed. The high quality gear set is adopted, and extends the gear service life over 30,000 hours.


A feed mill is a proccessing plant where Livestock Feed and animal feed is Manufactured, Processed, Stored, Distributed and a long time Sold at a firm establishment on plant or mill property.