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Dryer Machine

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Paddy Dryer Machine


Dry Machine belt dryer

ZCME dryer machine Shearing under high temperature and pressure, the feed can be sterilized with less deterioration of the nutrition

Unique gearbox, no external water cooling system, smooth and reliable operation

Horizontal feeding structure, capacity raised by 20%.

Wearing parts fabricated of special alloys sustain longer usage, greatly reducing customers’ costs. 

Multi-functional machine, capable of producing soybean, extruded corn and piece porket feed. 

Corn Dryer Wood Drying Equipment


This Drying Machine adopts both dry and wet extrusion technologies. As for the dry extrusion, the raw materials call for no conditioning so that there is no boiler and pipe systems. As for the wet extrusion, the advantages are as following: firstly: The raw material can be cooked before entering into extruder ,so that capacity can be increased ,further more it assures long life service of screw sleeve and screw barrel. Secondly: the moisture of the extruded products can be easily controlled and the power cost can be decreased, thirdly, the extruder can be adopted in a wide range including the highly pasting products like corn, soybean, pocket feed, etc.


 Fish/Animal Feed Dryer

 The material is promoted uniformity from the feed inlet. The powder material is improved quickly in pipe by hot air. The material discharged continuously after drying and separation. Fish/Animal Feed Dryer drying time is generally several seconds.